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Want to work for Good Day?

Why Us? Good Day is a people-focused small business. We offer competitive pay, 401k match, health, dental and vision coverage, and value work/life balance.

Vision: Be the most desired place to work in the mortgage industry. Run a high-level business where we are honest, transparent, and deliver the best deal upfront. Provide the highest level of customer satisfaction to ensure our clients have the best experience possible. Earn referrals and always put people first.

Culture: We are a team of high character people who are authentic, helpful, and professional. We facilitate an atmosphere where people come first, and we are all focused on daily improvement. We are consciously building up our community, always helping each other, and proudly donating a portion of each loan to a charitable cause. We believe in Good Day:

Give more than you take
Open to new ideas
Obstacle is the way
Determined to find solutions

Devoted to our team and community
Always be authentic
You are valued

If you think you’d be a good fit, please reach out below. We’re always open to a conversation, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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